Nebraska Geography

I'm having a great time at the Country Bluegrass Show.  Heading out this morning for the last day.  I'll finish up the postings about the fun tomorrow.  But for now, I want to send this cartoon out to you all, some of whom may not be familiar with Nebraska geography.
In case you have trouble reading it, Omaha to Grand Island is 10 gazillion miles.  Lincoln to Grand Island is 10,000 miles.  However, Grand Island to Lincoln is only 95 miles.

It highlights the problem we have in western Nebraska in getting people from the large population centers of Omaha and Lincoln out to visit our part of the state.  Nebraska has 1.7 million people, and more than 1 million of those live within 20 miles or so of the Missouri river on the eastern border of the state.  We sometimes get the feeling that they think that is all there is of Nebraska.

We're up to the challenge, though.  When we let 'em know all of the great things their own state has to offer, most are very grateful for the education and start planning a Nebraska vacation.

Thanks for stopping by.  Come on out west - the coffee's always on.


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