Last Snowstorm of the Season?

For the last three snowstorms, I have told myself that it was the last snowstorm of the season.  Maybe this time I'm right!  Below, a Union Pacific train speeds through Sutherland during the storm.
Welcome to Sutherland!
The view from our front porch.
Some of the beautiful drifts left by the 40 m.p.h. wind after the storm.
A lot of the snow has already melted, especially on the streets and sidewalks, except for some in the branches of the tree in front of the Sutherland Courier-Times building.  There's still drifts to melt, with the forecast calling for temperatures in the 50's this week, it shouldn't take long.
Brrrrr.  We've already had a couple of days of mid 70's weather, just enough to give us a hint of the springtime to come.  I'm ready for the weather to get warm and stay there!

Thanks for stopping by.  The coffee is always on.


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