Don't Miss the Lyrid Meteor Shower

Nebraska is known for many amazing things.  But one of the most spectacular attributes of Nebraska is our night skies.  With only 1.7 million people, and most of them crowded along the eastern part of the state, light pollution in western Nebraska is at a minimum.

So tomorrow morning, GET OUT OF BED!  Probably in the 4:00 hour.  Dress warmly, grab a chair you can lean back in, go outside and look up!

According to the National Weather Service, the forecast for tonight is partly cloudy, while the forecast for Wednesday is sunny.  So you have a very good chance of getting to see the shower.  And the low Tuesday night is going to be around 39, with the high on Wednesday 80.  You aren't even going to have to freeze your toes off for this adventure.

According to spaceweather, you should be able to see 10-20 shooting stars per hour.  However, inexplicably and unpredictably, some years the number goes up.  Waaaay up.  

The shooting stars should be seen in the slightly eastern sky.

Thanks for stopping by.  Strong hot coffee is recommended for meteor shower viewing.


  1. Sounds brilliant!! hmmm. I wonder if we will get any in England...


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