The Best April Fool's Joke Ever!

Just when I was feeling sorry for myself that no one had pranked me on April Fool's day and I hadn't been creative enough to prank anyone else, KNOP-TV came through!

On their 6:00 sportscast, they announced that the NSAA (Nebraska School Activities Association) had voted to move High School Track and Soccer to the fall, and Volleyball and FOOTBALL (!!??) to the Spring!  They interviewed the weather guy (because the story said the decision was about the weather), an Athletic Director and a Football Coach!

All of them did a great job, including when they each looked right into the camera to say "April Fool's"!

Some of the reasons why this worked (at least on me... bet there's not too many people who are going to admit to being "got") is because Nebraska spring weather can be, let's say, unsettled.  Or nasty.  I can use the word nasty.  It's always tough watching the tracksters shivering in their skimpy little uniforms.  And, the NSAA makes some crazy decisions - like Sutherland not playing it's local rival, which is six miles down the road, three years in a row.  Instead playing panhandle teams that mean about a four-hour bus ride.

Ah well, all is right with the world.  I got pranked on April Fool's Day.

Thanks for stopping by.  The coffee is brewing as we speak.


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