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North Platte event planners had a treat on Saturday when they attended the Event Planning and Marketing workshop presented by Randal Kottwitz, executive producer of Kool Aid Days in Hastings. If you help with an event in any way, I recommend that you take some time to visit with Randal. He has a wealth of information that will help you make your event better. AND, if you're ever near Hastings in August when Kool Aid Days is going on, be sure to stop and take in all the fun.

Every community in Nebraska is blessed with people who give of their own time, energy and money to volunteer at events to enhance their communities. North Platte is no exception. Not only do these people work hard on their own events, they took an entire day out of their busy schedules to attend a workshop on how to do it BETTER!

Nearly 30 people attended the workshop, representing such events as the Buffalo Bill Rodeo, North Platte Rail Fest, Chautauqua, the Country Bluegrass Show, Pawsitive Partners Woofstock, the North Platte Public Library with the Gardens and Gables Tour, the Cemetery Tour, Puzzle contest and Brown Bag Luncheons,

the Sandhills Symphony, Feather River Vineyards, Miss Rodeo Nebraska, Nebraska State Rodeo Association, Knoll's Country Inn Bed and Breakfast, the Lincoln County Historical Museum, Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center, the Lincoln County Fair.
Those who attended got tips on working with their governing Boards, recruiting and organizing volunteers, scheduling, signage, marketing and promotion and so much more!

During the breaks, there was a lot of networking going on. Because as Randy says "a rising tide floats all of the boats." Larger attendance at any one festival or event creates excitement and increases attendance at other events. As more people begin to understand how much fun community festivals can be, they will plan to attend others.

The entire workshop was videotaped for posterity!

Thanks to all who gave up a beautiful Saturday to attend the workshop.

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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