Thursday Special from February 12 from One Foot In The Grave

Some folks just don’t seem to realize when they’re moaning about not getting prayers answered, that NO is the answer.

Patience. In time the grass becomes milk.

Saturday the 31st. we were part of a cattle drive. Over 200 head of cattle were driven from the canyon’s south of the interstate, to Newberry Road, across the Viaduct, over the river bridge to a corn field on the west side of the road. It took 9 cowboys, a tractor pulling hay, horse trailer at the end to help with traffic. Oh I wonder what people thought going down the interstate and seeing all those cattle on the viaduct. WOW.

I wish they had given me a horse to ride but no, we were part of the drag, in our car headed home. It was just a happening but I enjoyed every minute of watching the cattle, the cowboys and hearing the cattle. It doesn’t take much to make my day. Think about it. I would bet you might remember a cattle drive you saw. Want to tell some one about your cattle drive ????????

We have taken the World Herald newspaper every day for 51 years. They have stopped all home delivery in Western NE. We aren’t sure what we are to do in the mornings with no paper. We could receive by mail one day late, or the computer. It was our decision to just kick the habit. Now the post office is talking about no Tuesday delivery. OH MY.

Changes sometimes are wonderful. I’m thankful on long trip I no longer have to squat and air dry. You young ones ask your parent they will understand.


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