New Thursday Special from One Foot In The Grave

I like to think about growing up so I’'m going to talk about the toys we played with.  I like to hear how you spent your time having fun.

Almost ever Sunday in my life time at home we had a house full of relatives and friends. So we had lot of stuff to entertain our company, and our family.  We had a permanent horseshoe court west of our house.  Attached to the chicken house were swings and a bar,

Before my time they had a regulation base ball diamond east of the garden and over the hill.  We usually had at least two horses to ride and all the saddles and bridles were kept in the barn.  The back porch held the croquet to be put up whenever, also a big cupboard where we kept all the hunting guns. The shot put was in the tool shed, bike and stilts were by or in back porch.  

Barrel in yard and lot of game to play with a barrel. In the winter we had clamp on ice skate for lot of people. And sleds. Tricycle in the yard.

The wind charger was always good for story to talk about with  the city folks who visited.  My brothers built a guillotine to chop off chickens heads .  We sold that place and moved 7 miles west  At the auction we sold all the horse drawn equipment but one plow for the garden and the manure spreader. 


At the new home we had a 4 car garage but only owned one car so we kept the tractors, and farm machinery in with the car. It was the back stop for all our baseball games. We moved the shot put (which were really cannon balls), had a wooden bowling ball, horse shoes, bike. In the front yard had a hammock and on east side swing set. The croquet set was kept on the back porch. Ice skates were in the garage.   In the winter we played lot of card, checkers, and Chinese checkers.  Mom and sister Margaret played piano and we all sang.  During track season at both homes Dad would dig a pit for us to practice broad (long) jump.


I wonder what I forgot.  I hope some one will tell me.  Our family wasn'’t much for sitting around. We didn'’t have fishing stuff because we always went to Uncle Dave and he had all the fishing stuff  and a dam where we could fish and catch Bull heads.  So much fun. He lived in a canyon by the Niobrara river and we could walk to Prairie Falls.  All his cow had bells so they could find them.


A clear conscience is a sign of a bad memory.   He who hesitates is probably right.


Joke:  Three people were going to the guillotine. The first was a lawyer, who was led to the platform, blindfolded, and he had his head put on the block. The executioner pull the lanyard, but nothing happened. The blade didn'’t come down. To avoid a messy lawsuit, the authorities allowed the lawyer to go free.

The next man to the guillotine was a priest. They put his head on the block but nothing happened. They thought it must have been divine intervention, so they let the priest go.

The third man to the guillotine was an engineer . He waived his right to a blindfold, so they led him to the guillotine and put his head on the block. As he lay there, he said, Hey wait I see your problem.


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