Nebraska Poem

This poem sometimes makes it around by e-mail, but if you haven't seen it yet, it's worth reading:

Smack in the middle of our great nation
Is a state that requires some explanation.
To east and west coasters who'll come right out and ask ya',
"Is there anything of interest in the State of Nebraska?"

It's true we don't have mountains all decked out in snow,
But we do have the world's biggest live chicken show.
We're the makers of Spam. We invented Kool Aid,
And this is where the first Reuben sandwich was made.

Our insect, the Honeybee. Our bird, the Meadowlark.
The strobe light, our creation, works best in the dark.
Governmentally speaking, we're a freak of nature.
Since we have the only one-house state legislature.

On Arbor Day, when you plant a tree,
Remember that it started in Nebraska City.
We were once called a desert, but that name didn't take,
Since we have the country's largest underground lake.

We have the world's largest forest, all planted by hand,
And more miles of rivers than any state in the land.
The College World Series calls Omaha "home,"
And yes, this is where the buffalo used to roam
(until we shot 'em).

We were the first state in the nation to finish our Interstate section,
And the first to run two women in the gubernatorial election
(against each other).
We invented 9-1-1 emergency communication,
And we're the number one producer of center pivot irrigation.

Our woolly mammoth fossil is the largest ever found,
And our monumental "Carhenge" is certain to astound.
We have several museums that could be called odd,
Dedicated to Chevy's, fur trading, roller skates and sod.

In Blue Hill, Nebraska, no woman wearing a hat,
Can eat onions in public. Imagine that!
We built the largest porch swing and indoor rain forest,
And anyone who visits is sure to adore us.

So pack up the kiddies, the pets and the wife,
And see why Nebraska is called "THE GOOD LIFE."
(Oh gosh -- it doesn't even once mention football?!?)

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  1. Reubens are from Nebraska.. they seem so German.
    Learned new information before sunrise

  2. I try to order a turkey Reuben in hopes of being healthier.. who am I probably kidding??

  3. The only way to eat a reuben is with the fattiest corn beef that can be found and extra thousand island dressing and sourkraut. Forget the health!


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