Nebraska Outback Concert Series

Woo hoo!  Our next concert in the Nebraska Outback Concert series is right around the corner!  Saturday, March 28 at 7:30 p.m., Beth Wood will be appearing live in our living room!

Here's what is being said about Beth:

"Beth Wood is a folk singer with a dauntless voice who thrives on stretching boundaries. On her seventh and latest CD, Beachcomber's Daughter, she uses folk as a springboard into soul, blues and whatever else strikes her fancy. The wittiest track is "Clean Up (Before I Change My Mind)," a hard-core honky-tonk about a messy beau who's messing with her brain. But as funny as the Arlington-based singer can be, she's also a serious songwriter with an agile touch: In "Our New Century," she takes an unflinching look at the "broken-record symphony" of current events, while "Funeral Day" is about finding joy in bleak circumstances."

Sounds great doesn't it?

So, why don't you join us?

Here we are enjoying our last concert, Fran Snyder.

House Concerts are new in this area, but we've had a good response to the two we've hosted. We've got a great core of friends who are dedicated to make the series a success!

We hope you'll join us to forge some new friendships and hear some great music.

Our concerts are no-smoking and low-alcohol. Feel free to bring your favorite beverage. There'll be finger food, and you're welcome to bring some to share.

Child care will be provided for small children. Older children who enjoy the music are welcome to attend the concert.

All we ask is that you RSVP. You can go to our concert flyer or send me an e-mail to RSVP. If you need directions from there, just let me know.

Here are some other links that you may find interesting:

So, come on over. The coffee will be on (decaf... it'll be late).


  1. wow! Ive never heard of house concerts! they sound fun! what a great way to spend an evening. Im definately gonna check out Beth Wood! I like Folk music! and also, its really cool to hear of someone with the surname Wood. its not a usual surname (because people will keep spelling it with an 's' on the end!)


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