Little Hands

Last night's concert by Beth Wood was amazing. If I had the energy to collect my thoughts and upload some pictures, I would, but that will have to wait.

Her lyrics touched the heart of everyone here, and I'm sure we all have our favorite. But I would like to share with you a part of the song that really struck me last night:

...And I'm just wondering about the little things
And what they all add up to mean
The sum of which I may never understand
We've all got big plans
And little hands

...We do the best we can
With little hands

One of the wonderful things about song lyrics is that each person can read into them the particular message that touches them. What this song means to me, is that we all need to do our part, no matter how small a part that is.

Whether it's turning off your lights for an hour during Earth Hour (which we forgot to do last night), recycling, volunteering in your community, or just being kind to someone, it all adds up and makes a difference.

Thank you for stopping by. I'm serving coffee, but the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet!


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