Last Day in Omaha

Our booth is dismantled and the rental car packed and ready to make the trip back to North Platte.  Travel Monday, two days back at work Tuesday and Wednesday, then off to Denver on Thursday.

Omaha turned out to be a great show.  I guess the truth of that statement will be borne out if some of our contacts actually visit the attractions in Lincoln County, but we were very pleased with the number of people who were planning Nebraska vacations this year.  Everyone was "wowed" by the Golden Spike Tower and by Rail Town USA and Rail Fest.  There was also lots of interest in the many other attractions and events the area has to offer.

Besides being able to tell people about all of the great stuff to do back home, the best part about a consumer show is all the new friends that we make.  After you've traveled to a few of these, faces in the booths around you start to look familiar and you know most people by name.  In fact, you can probably step into their booth and make the sales for them, you've heard the spiel so many times.

Oh yes, I've got to give another shout out to the Dubliner Irish Pub and Irish Brigade.  We had a lot of fun there last night and will be going back tonight.  The Irish Brigade appear at the Dubliner in Omaha in February, June and September.  So if you're in town I highly recommend that you make it a point to see them.

Thanks for stopping by.  Coffee will be late this morning.


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