Denver RV Boat Sports and Travel Show

The Denver show was a really good show this year.  Lots of friendly people looking for fun stuff to do in Nebraska.  As you can see, a tourism representative has to wear lots of hats.
Not as many Nebraska people participate in the Denver show as the Omaha show, but there are a few of us.  Lots of people were receptive to the beauty and fun of the Harlan County reservoir.
And of course, Big Mac is ever popular with the Denver crowd.
Naturally there was time for fun.  Denver's 16th Street Mall was perfect on an almost-spring morning.

And what would a trip to the big city be without food and fun at some great Irish pubs.

Brian Clancy was performing at the Irish Snug on Saturday night.  Fantastic balladeer and Irish Pub Song singer.
These shots were the magnificent sunset that greeted us on the way home from the Omaha show last week.  Makes one glad to live in Nebraska.

Thanks for stopping by.  Coffee will be served at home for awhile now.


  1. It sounds like such FUN nebraska! travelling around, talking to people, lots of road trips.... where do I sign up?
    I love the cowboy hat :D thats one of the things I must get before I die: A cowboy hat!
    More Irish Pubs? They are everywhere!


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