Crazy Days

So we are all finally home from our travels.  

Last week, Tim came home from college on Spring Break on Sunday.  Mark left for Chicago for a Union Pacific training class on Monday.  I left for Lafayette on Wednesday.  Sam went to Burlington Colorado to tour the prison there with his Government class on Wednesday.  Tim and Sam left for a ski trip on Thursday.  Mark got home on Friday, Tim and Sam got home late Sunday, after which Tim drove back to Lincoln for class on Monday, and after a two hour delay at the DFW airport and a one hour delay at the Denver airport, I arrived back in North Platte at about 10:00 on Sunday.

And it's not like the office has been at a standstill while I've been gone.  Saturday was the first Recreation and Outdoor Show at the Platte River Mall, and of course, the North Platte/Lincoln County Convention and Visitors Bureau had a booth there, too!


Since February 26, Mark and I have been home a total of about eight days.  It's like this every spring, which is one of the busiest times of year in the tourism industry.  It's fun, exciting, but also exhausting, and it's good to be home for awhile.

So, those of you who are planning to attend our House Concert 

on Saturday, don't try to give the house the white glove inspection, because it won't pass!  However, there will still be good times, good people and good music to enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by.  The coffee is always on.


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