Anyone Can Do It

Have you ever wondered just what one says when working a consumer show booth all day?

Well, wonder no longer. Here it is:
“Hi. How are you doing today? Are you enjoying the show so far?

Here is a brochure on North Platte, Nebraska, just four hours west of Omaha, right on I-80. (So how long do you think it will take me to remember that North Platte is EAST of Denver?)

North Platte is the home of Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard, the largest railroad yard in the world (For a change, some times I say “The world’s largest railroad yard”).

We have an eight story tower with a fully enclosed viewing deck on the eighth floor and an open air viewing deck on the seventh floor, overlooking all of the action at the yard (Point to the picture of the yard).

In September, North Platte was named “Rail Town USA” by an act of Congress. We’ve developed a three-day festival during the third weekend of September celebrating the importance of the Union Pacific Railroad to North Platte (hand over rack cards of the Golden Spike Tower and Rail Fest).”

"North Platte is also the home of Buffalo Bill Cody. He lived there when he started the Wild West Show as the Old Glory Blowout on July 4th, 1882. We've preserved 25 acres of his original 4,000 acre ranch, which includes his victorian mansion and large horse barn. The Wild West Memorial in Cody Park contains a statue of Buffalo Bill given to North Platte by the citizens of Great Britain, as well as flags from all of the states and countries where his Wild West Show toured."

And, if there are little kids drooling over the train sets:
“You like trains? You need to get your family (never say mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc. you’ll invariably be WRONG) to bring you to North Platte. We have more trains than anywhere else in the world (At this point, Mark blows the steam whistle. Kids’ eyes get big. Adults smile. It’s just that kind of sound.).”

Then you say some variation of the above.

And, if you have more than a minute, you talk about NEBRASKAland DAYS, Lincoln County Historical Museum, North Platte Canteen, North Platte Children’s Museum, Fort Cody, 20th Century Veterans Memorial, Dancing Leaf, Fort McPherson…

Denver is a good place to talk about the great outdoors, fishing, hunting, water sports.

Or, you do some “profiling” in your mind. Cowboy boots/hat? Lead with NEBRASKAland DAYS. Entire family? Lead with the fishing and lakes and camping (or go back to the trains. Everyone loves the trains). Older couple? Camping, Dancing Leaf, Vets Memorial.

Change it up.

And don’t forget “the rising tide floats all the boats.” Cross sell. Yes, there is still water in Lake McConaughay. The Arch is in Kearney. Pioneer Village is in Minden. Ole’s is one of the greatest places to eat along I-80.

Now, stand up (never greet potential visitors sitting down).


Be prepared for rejection.

Keep the kids from crashing your trains.

If they're real foamers, turn them over to Mark for all of the technical RR questions. If he doesn't know the answer, he'll give it a try, but the real foamers will usually catch him at it.
"Bye. Enjoy the rest of the show. Come and visit us in North Platte."

Try to say something to EVERY visitor who walks by.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

You’re gonna love it. Soon you'll be able to say it in your sleep.

Thanks for stopping by. You'll need the coffee.


  1. so how many times did it take you to learn that little monologue Nebraska? Its very good, Im convinced!


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