Another Weekend Another Show

This weekend was the Big Mac Sports Show hosted by our friends in Ogallala.
The North Platte/Lincoln County Convention and Visitors Bureau booth had help this weekend, which was greatly appreciated.  The Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center filled the booth on Saturday, and the Honky Tonk BBQ Festival filled in on Sunday morning.
All of the usual suspects were there, the Nebraska Division of Travel and Tourism, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, the Valentine Visitor's Bureau, Cornhusker Fishing Camp, Glidden's Canoe Rentals, Western Nebraska, a couple of byways, and a few others that I know I'm missing.
So, while other people were slaving away at the booth, I took a leisurely drive around Lake McConaughy.  It got to be around 70 degrees on Sunday, so I enjoyed myself, and appreciated anyone who took the time to come to the show instead of going to the lake themselves.

From the morning glory looking north across the dam:
From the south end of the dam, looking west past Spillway Bay:
Looking into Spillway Bay:
The boat ramp at Martin Bay:
Looking west past Martin bay.  It ALMOST has water in it:
From the south end of the dam looking east across Lake Ogallala.
Looking north east from the south end of the dam across Lake Ogallala.
The water interpretive center on the highway south of the dam.
All in all, it was a great day.

Thanks for stopping by.  The coffee is always on.


  1. Wow! are you ever at home Nebraska??? :D

  2. Soon, Fizz, soon! After all, the new season of DC starts officially in 28 days, so you know where I'll be every Tuesday night!


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