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A friend of mine is a very funny and creative writer. She sends out what she calls "Thursday Specials" to her friends each week. I got her permission to post these on my blog. She prefers the pseudonym "One Foot In The Grave". So here's her Thursday special from July 24, 2008

“Rowing Not Drifting” 1902 Valentine (Nebraska) High School

Getting the land ready for planting 1915. First you had to plow the land. You had to decide what depth you need for what crop seeds you were planting. That decision was based on how deep the roots would grow. After plowing the field, you then disc the field some farmer recommended disking three times so the soil would be fine. When you were finished with the disc then you harrow the soil. That machine smoothed the dirt. At last you planted the seeds. All this equipment was pulled by two or more horses. Now just a little truth. I have never farmed so tell me what I have wrong, Oh I left out an important part the row must be at least 30 inches apart so the horses don’t hurt the plants. I’m not sure how fast a horse traveled pulling all that equipment, but I read where it took two men to farm 160 area. Any experts out there to help me out??

Let us now look at the ladies of the house in 1908. The lard pail was very important in any lady’s kitchen. You needed a 5 lb pail and a 10 lb pail. Put rocks in the bottom of the 10lb pail then put the 5 lb pail inside that and you have a double broiler. No more burnt food. A 10 lb pail was a great way to steam brown bread and Indian
pudding. Lard pails had hundreds of uses, storage, carry eggs, and milk. Let see all the ways you would use a lard pail. Under the bed. OH My.

The ladies saved every bit of string or twine they could find. It was a good job for the children to sort out the string or twine by size. You could knit or crochet to make dish clothes and other things needed in the house. Some children wind the coarse twine on a fishing rod. How would you use twine??

Every kitchen needs a blotter. You buy the blotter where they sell ink , as a blotter
and ink pen were sort of a pair. Well you need several blotters for your kitchen. Blotters work perfect on spills and save stains from happening, They especially recommend blotters for grease spills on the wood floor the blotter will pick up the grease and save you much scrubbing to get out the grease stain on the boards. Do you have some suggestions??

Still learning, One Foot In The Grave

Joke of the Day:
Recently I was asked to play in a golf outing. At first I said,NO.. Then they said to me, Come on, its for handicapped and blind kids. Then I thought Sh** I could win this thing.

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