February In The Sandhills

A beautiful, frosty President's Day in the Nebraska Sandhills.  A herd of bulls graze along the banks of the Birdwood Creek.

A few horses watch from the hillside to the south.
This is the frosty and snowy view that greets us from the front yard of the cabin we're restoring. Note the deer tracks in the foreground.  They were everywhere!
And here is Mark hard at work on one of the "honey do's" of the day.  As if there weren't enough at home for him to do.  
We replaced the tin that was covering the windows with plastic.  You know, can't be too energy conscious!  Actually, it has nothing to do with that.  The windows need replaced, and most have broken panes.  But the plastic makes it seem more homey inside than the tin does.  At least it lets in a little light.  

Below is the real reason we came north on a day when the temperature didn't get out of the 30's - to burn some of the big brush piles that were left from our earlier work.  We eventually got the job done, but the conditions were almost too wet!  No wind, and six inches of snow, so no worries that the fire would spread, but did all that wet brush burn slow.

Finally... welcome home!  Doesn't it looks so inviting?  Hey, for not being lived in for nearly 50 years, it's not too bad.  And, I'm happy to report that after carting out three pickup loads of debris (including lots left behind by various rodents and birds), the place hardly smells at all!

A few times, we may have disturbed the skunk that has a residence under the floor.  Her den seems to be just between the door and the window, as that is where we noticed her odor the most.

Thanks for stopping by.  As soon as I get a stove, the coffee will be on.


  1. I just got lost in your photos and stories. I wish some of my family's old homesteads were still around. One day I will move to the northwest and live in the wilderness. You're so lucky. (angelhair from NW)

  2. Thanks Ang. I grew up in the Sandhills, and I'm still amazed when I go back how uncomfortable I feel being so all alone. I force myself to go up there alone just to get over it. After all, if the pioneer women did it (and my mother and grandmother), I can do it!

  3. hey Nebraska, beautiful pictures!!!!! they are amazing :D
    the Homeshed/shack/hut looks fantastic to spend a night in! really old and ... well maybe not. I am thinking there are spiders in there!
    thanks for the link to your blog!

  4. Fizz - Not yet, but it will be! By late summer, I hope to have it completely habitable, and mostly critter-free! You can stop over o your trip to Seattle/Dutch Harbor.

  5. mares' tails in the Nebraska skies too
    Take carr Murie


    Hi ang and Fizz too
    we are one big NW fan family


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