Correction... Line

Can you see it?
It's hard to get a picture of, but let me explain.  The road above goes straight north, then it makes a sharp jog to the west, then back north.  This is called a "correction line", and in this case, represents the border between two counties, Lincoln and McPherson.

There are correction lines in other places.  Anywhere the section lines no longer line up, and the road, generally placed along the section lines needs to be... well, corrected.

I haven't driven outback country in too many places other than Nebraska, so I can't tell you if this occurs elsewhere, but you see a lot of it here.

Below is a graphic illustration between the relative "wealth" of an urban (in this case, this is a very loose definition) county - Lincoln, and a rural county - McPherson.
The population of Lincoln County is nearly 36,000, mostly centered in the town of North Platte, about 25,000.  Lots of homes and businesses.

The population of McPherson County is 533.  Yes, that is five hundred thirty three. With an area of 859 square miles, that is a lot less than one person per square mile.

Yes, Lincoln County is a lot larger, 2,564 square miles, but it also is a lot wealthier.

Can you tell exactly where the County line is?

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