Bynded: local band uses small-town inspiration for songwriting

This is a great group of guys who play amazing music.  

This article is from the UNK Antelope.

Photo courtesy of Malarie Perlinger
Bynded is a group of small-town boys with big dreams; but, much unlike other small-town bands, Bynded has already been contacted by Billboard Magazine and hopes to set up an interview in the near future. The band will play Feb. 21 at Bico's Bar and Grill at 9:30 p.m.

By Tara Purdie

Antelope Staff

The compact living room is taken over with intermingling sounds of unforgettable rock and heartfelt country. Justin Hampton's distinctive voice croons along with each note and chord Sean Kennedy strikes, the two remain perfectly in sync. Hampton's passionate lyrics and voice create an unexpected bond with each listener, while the unique melody Kennedy plays continues to resonate even after the music stops.

Their band, Bynded, is a group of small town boys with big dreams; but, much unlike other small town bands, Bynded has already been contacted by Billboard Magazine and hopes to set up an interview in the near future.

Former UNK graduate Ben Brummels from Pierce plays the bass guitar for Bynded. Brummels said he believes what sets them apart is the mixture of small town lyrics with a high-powered voice and sound.

Kennedy, a UNK senior majoring in general science from Sutherland, is the lead guitarist for Bynded. Kennedy said he and Hampton share in lyric writing. Hampton, also from Sutherland, graduated from Mid Plains and is the lead vocalist and backup guitar. Kennedy said each member of the band contributes his own part.

Kennedy said, "I usually write most of the guitar parts, Justin comes up with a lot as well. Ben writes the bass lines, and Marcello comes up with the drum parts. When we all get together to practice, we'll all throw ideas at each other on what we think we could switch up or change or maybe add to make it more interesting, so we all have our creative say in what we play."

Kennedy said, "We've found out that we can't just sit down and force ourselves to write, it just has to come to us, and when it does we can write a whole songs worth of lyrics in about three minutes. It's crazy the way it just happens like that."

Kennedy said the inspiration for most of their songs comes from their own experiences.

"You never know when something is going to spark inspiration, and when that does you usually have to go with it or it'll be gone."

Bynded is optimistic about their future in the music industry. "We are going to try to go all the way. We just want people to hear us. We are always looking for places to play whether it's a bar or a garage. We just want to play," Hampton said.

For more information on Bynded or to hear their songs visit their Myspace page at

If you get a chance to hear them live, do so. You can also find their music on iTunes, and they've got some videos up on YouTube, and a group on Face Book. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the great music. The coffee's always on.


  1. Checked them out and like they're music. I'll have to send a request and get added. I love all kinds of music.

  2. I understand that the concert Saturday night in Kearney was just awesome. Way to go guys!


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