Auto Gates

While not unique to Nebraska, the device pictured above is a staple in cattle country anywhere. It is called an autogate or cattle guard. Or, as us kids used to call it, a runover. Because that's what you did. You "runover" it.

For those of you not "in the know", it is used to keep cattle or other livestock in a pasture, yet allows for people to drive through without getting out and opening a gate every time.

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  1. We have these in sheep grazing country here in britain (usually scotland, wales, yorkshire etc) and we call them cattle grids! :D It always becomes quite a game when we are up that way to see who can spot the next one first and whoever does can shout "cattle griiid!!!" in a silly manner and the "kerthump" is excellent as you drive over them!
    I guess this game is more interesting when you have nothing else to do LMAO!


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