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I recently read a study that showed that the Internet is accessed more now from Smartphones that it is from computers. Pretty interesting challenge for those of us who use the Internet to market our tourist attractions and events. I have long been jealous of my friends in Oklahoma since I learned that someone had created an app for them that showed their upcoming events. Now, thanks to Behr Apps, Nebraska has an app of our own!

Nebraska Events
A quick and convenient way to find events in the state of Nebraska. The main screen allows for a quick view of upcoming events and multiple ways to search for the event you are looking for:

- Name
- Date Range
- City
- Distance
- Type of Event
- Favorites

View information, history, and photos of the event. Also view a schedule for the event with the ability to add reminders for individual activities or the entire event. Reminders can use your phones notification bar or calendars. Mark favorites for quick access when searching for events.

Display interactive map and driving directions to the event.
Phone and Email shortcuts for your phone.

Links to additional information from Websites, Facebook, and Twitter.

Doesn't that sound just perfect?

I discovered the app when I was sent an email by Chris from Behr Apps. I didn't find any more information about the developer, but his email stated he is a Nebraska native and wanted to do something to help his home state (I don't know why I'm assuming Chris is a he, he could just as well be a she). Anyway, THANKS CHRIS!

You can get more information on the app by visiting the Android Marketplace website:, or you can search the Marketplace for "Nebraska Events" from your smartphone and install it there.

If you are hosting an event, you can choose to add your event, at which time you'll be prompted to send an email to the developer. It looks like the original event listings are taken from the Nebraska Tourism website, which makes it doubly important to get your events listed there too!
Please share this information with everyone in your network so we can get this app onto as many phones as possible!

Thanks for stopping by. The coffee is always on.


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